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Development Path and Capital Costs

May 31, 2011

Electric takeoff assist is a relatively simple technology. We have towed gliders to altitude using electric winches for decades. The first patent for payload retrieval with orbiting aircraft was granted in 1931. Constructing a flying prototype is an moderately complex engineering project. The system can be constructed with commercial off-the-shelf components. A proposed development path […]

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Gaylord Olson –Vertical Takeoff and Landing of Cargo with Fixed Wing Aircraft

May 30, 2011

Gaylord Olson will be presenting a one hour talk on the history of cargo VTOL using tethered tow aircraft. His presentation will include the major contributors to the field including Nate Saint, the test flights sponsored by Lockheed Corporation and the published work of Ockels and Williams. The conference is scheduled for July 7-10 in […]

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